Come Out Swinging

Proven Ways to Land Your Dream Job (& Pay) - Right Out of College 

By Daif Said

Chances are you are not ready for the job market. 

The job market is scary and most students aren't prepared to compete. 

Fortunately, there is a roadmap to success. 

In Come Out Swinging, I outline the steps I took to land a six figure salary by the age of 24. I've since taught these steps to many others, helping them land internships, jobs, and huge raises.

Now I am sharing them with you to help you navigate the next few, crucial years in your career. 



What You'll Get

Actionable Tips

You’ll also get an exclusive collection of effective strategies and techniques that I’ve used to help people launch their careers, such as:

  • How to build your complete portfolio
  • Prepare your resume, LinkedIn, interview skills
  • Launch a successful and lucrative career
  • Negotiate your worth: maximize your career earnings

Access to exclusive content including documents and videos to help you launch your career. 

Examples of Use

I will show you how I've used these tactics to help myself and my colleagues launch and lead successful careers. Here are some results:

  • 30% higher salary right out of college compared to my peers
  • 62% raise from one job to the next
  • 41% increase in salary for colleague I've helped with negotiates

What People Are Saying

"Daif helped me understanding my market value & showing me the different tactics employers tried to use to underpay me. I got a 41% raise with Daif's help"


Muhammed Mutahr

"Career Planning is truly a contact sport!  You have to pour yourself into it with 100% energy and Daif's book will give you the necessary "punch" to make it a reality."


Mike Callahan

"Daif's helped me navigate a complex & competitive workforce. He helped me land at a major company with a great starting pay & I know he can help you do the same"


Dave McMahan 

About Daif

Daif is a recent college graduate who has been able to move up the corporate ranks quickly, landing a six figure job by the age of 24. And no, the job is not in Wall Street or Silicon Valley.


He's since taught his approach to countless others, helping them land great jobs and salaries right out of college.